Funfishers Fee Increase


From 1st February 2016 our fees will increase as follows:


Holiday Club        increasing to


         3 to 11 year olds     - Full day                £24.00                 


         3 to 11 year olds    - Half day                £13.00   


9 months to 2 years remain the same as seen below.


Breakfast Club                                                                    £4.00

This price remains the same


Playgroup These prices all remain the same

(per session 2.5hours am/pm)                                          £7.50                                          

Lunch Club (Session 1hour)                                             £4.00

(FULL DAY £19.00-HALF DAY £11.50)

Babies 9months to 2  (half day £24.00 full day £40.00)  


Toddlers 2 to 3      (half day £21.50 full day £35.00)


Afterschool Club    this price remains the same          £7.20               




BREAKFAST CLUB…………………….7.30am TO 8.45pm



MORNING SESS………9.00am TO 11.30am

LUNCHCLUB…………………………11.30am TO 12.30pm


AFTERNOON SESS….12.30pm TO 3.00pm


9months to 2 years Full or half day sessions only see below holiday times, unless on a 2 year pathfinder then revert to times above for playgroup.


AFTERSCHOOL CLUB…………………3.00pm TO 6.00pm


HOLIDAY CLUB…(including lunch)…7.30am  TO 6.00am

HALF DAY SESS.............7.30am TO 12.45pm & 12.45pm TO 6.00pm


Pre-Booked places are paid in advance

By: cash/cheque/bacs or vouchers


Once places are booked fees are non returnable, as staff ratios are set, any changes to your dates will need to be made the following half term.

We operate a waiting list for most clubs so to avoid disappointment ensure your booking forms are in on or before the deadlines given each half term.



We do offer a late option for parents who struggle to make the 6.00pm deadline and face heavy fines (see admissions and fees policy) at the afterschool club.

You can now pre-book nights that you will be late at an extra rate of £5.00 till 6.15pm or £7.50 till 6.30pm.

This will ensure that two members of staff are available at all times if children remain on the premises.


* New Mobile Telephone Number*


Please note this number is for offsite activities only.

 If you need to contact us, please use the 01904 677870 to speak to a member of staff, or leave a message and we will call you back.

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